Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing

This book is actually surprisingly old. It rose in popularity recently due to pushes by some big names online. I ended up being gifted this book for Christmas. Very happy to have read it.

The book is about the Endurance expedition to Antarctica. The ship was crushed by ice and the crew had to survive for over a year in the Antarctic. It’s a very detailed and engaging account of the expedition and the crew’s daily efforts to survive.

Much of the content was pulled directly from the journals of crew members and from in-person interviews with them. The simple details of this story are enough to make this an incredible read. It’s astounding what these men went through, how they survived, and the decisions they had to make along the way. This combined with the time period (1914-1916) and the harsh environment that they’re in was enough to keep me reading deep into the night. I kept picturing each scene in vivid detail while I was reading, amazed by each twist and turn of the story. It really does just keep delivering page after page.

Incredible writing, incredible story, incredible book. I highly recommend it.